GoGreenSpain has been established to bring green technology into the local residential construction industry on the Costa del Sol, taking the housing sector into the 21st century. Due to the ever increasing costs of utilities and the increase in eco awareness in recent years there has been a surge in demand for energy efficient sustainable homes.

We are excited to announce a new alliance and proudly introduce sustainable energy housing on to the Costa del Sol.


Seh.(sustainable energy & housing) have developed a fast and efficient construction system, where general health and well-being are married to architectural solutions. Achieving net zero energy consumption is one of the main priorities, along with a smooth and efficient construction process. These modern, contemporary homes are delivered expediently with some of the highest standards available on the market now. Supreme homes where the efficiency in the construction process satisfies any construction need the client may demand.



Exclusive designs, accompanied by a revolutionary new build concept. 


Stunning architecture that is in balance with nature.

Characterised by contemporary styling to reflect the latest trends, our stylish homes are both attractive and functional.

Comfortable, healthy and safe living environments built using a state of the art construction method and finished with superior qualities.

Our projects offer so much more than other contemporary fashioned properties on the market.


Eco awareness co-exists with stunning contemporary aesthetics within masterpiece villa designs.


So what sets our homes apart?


Thanks to many contributing factors within our homes we proudly guarantee an energy certificate rating of A. This has been proven and awarded within our recent constructions by independent and authorised surveyors.

Energy efficiency is key to ensuring a safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system for the future.

Our intent is to reduce home energy use as cost-effectively as possible, and then meet the reduced requirements with on-site renewable energy systems. Our strategy for achieving an energy efficient home starts with the build method. The construction materials ensure an extremely well insulated, airtight structure which dramatically reduced heating and cooling requirements.  Combined with our state-of-the-art, energy-efficient construction we incorporate renewable energy solutions high-efficiency heating and cooling systems,  energy-efficient doors, windows, and appliances. By taking advantage of local climate and site conditions, our architects incorporate aero thermal heating and cooling systems throughout plus other energy-efficient strategies.

What this means for you

  • Save money on energy bills.
  • Increase the comfort level in your home with better air distribution and less noise.
  • Better control over maintaining an optimum temperature.
  • Create a healthier living environment as it prevents pollutants.
  • Contribute to a cleaner environment by using less energy and increased efficiency of energy production.



    The construction process is split into 2 smaller projects that are developed in parallel.  Manufactured off-site and erected on site.

    We have projects up and down the Coast. Please click here to view. There are no hidden charges, the price is fully inclusive of all of the following:

    • The land
    • Architects
    • All necessary licenses and relevant construction insurances
    • Villa construction
    • Thermal & acoustic insulation, aero-thermal underfloor heating system
    • Passive windows throughout
    • High specification fitted kitchen and bathrooms with quality tiling throughout
    • Swimming pool
    • All utility connections
    • Landscaping
    • All exterior surrounding walls, electric entrance gates and garages


    The building structure is calculated and verified with CYPE software taking into account the connection existing among different modules which make up the whole structure.

    There is a steel Framework throughout.

    Foundation and structure will both be independently monitored and enforced in accordance with Spanish and European regulations.

    The patented wall composite comprises of multiple layers all of which contribute to a safe, comfortable interior with both thermal and acoustic insulation. We create projects of high technical quality accompanied by high quality finishes.

    A top of the range Aero-thermal (renewable energy) water based system is installed as standard throughout ground and first floors . It is a complete heating and cooling system.  Using a natural, non-polluting, inexhaustible energy source, aero-thermal systems are a wonderful way to maintain perfect internal temperatures.

    It is considered a renewable energy system due to its ability to extract energy from the air and transfer it to another place in the form of cold or heat. Energy is transmitted to a heat pump, which uses a thermodynamic device to transfer heat and heat or refresh your home according to your needs. This form of energy cannot be exhausted, amounting to considerable savings on heating bills.

    This advanced architectural glass incorporates solar control earning a high energy rating and low energy costs. Delivering high light transmittance and reducing unnecessary solar heat gain and benefitting from additional acoustic reduction, while maintaining the aesthetics of untreated glass.

    High quality aluminium windows brand CORTIZO or similar, with thermal break. Security Double glazing (8/14/4+4) with Guardian Sun acoustic and solar gain treatment for maximum heat and solar insulation.


    Foundation – Reinforced Concrete Slab with appropriate waterproofing and drainage at ground level.

    Structure – Reinforced Steel Framework throughout

    Foundation and structure will be both monitored and enforced in accordance with Spanish and European regulations


    Walls – An extremely insulative composite of Concrete, wood fibre, Polystyrene, thermal wood-chip and rock-wool to a total depth of 35cm.


    Inverted flat roof – inaccessible.


    Finished mortar of water-repellent cement, screeded and painted.


    Walls are painted in a sand/beige colour and the ceilings white. Ceilings are constructed of waterproof plasterboard, coated with plastic paint.


    Stairs: Cladding marble.

    Living Room: Premium porcelain stoneware floors, brand ARGENTA or KERABEN or similar.


    Bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room: premium porcelain tiles, brand ARGENTA or KERABEN or similar.


    Fully fitted quality units.

    Appliances: SIEMENS or similar, includes fridge, oven, extractor & ceramic hob. Silestone Worktops.

    Water Taps: Brand GROHE or similar


    The entrance will be superior quality African Teak.These entrance doors will contain windbreak guillotine. Interior doors will be painted white with the classifications EI230 fire resistance and 30 dB sound resistance. Stainless steel handles, with locks in the bathrooms and main bedroom.

    Fitted wardrobes lacquered outside and lined inside with melamine.


    Embedded sink furniture fitted in all bathrooms brown or white, brand VITABOX, 80 cm wide.

    White premium quality porcelain washbasin, toilet and bidet, brand VILLEROY & BOCH.


    Water taps of premium quality brand GROHE. Overhead shower, brand GROHE.


    TV antenna fittings in the living room and bedrooms.

    Phone installation and internet access points in the living room and bedrooms.


    Video intercom with television camera and monitor brand FERMAX DIGITAL, ABB or similar.


    All installations to conform to technical Regulations.

    Mechanisms will be used of premium makes and quality.


    Steel and glass railings on terraces.


    On houses with car park: concrete pavement.

    On houses with underground garage: access doors for vehicles with a remote control opening.

    Concrete pavement on floors. Vertical surfaces in smooth plastic paint.


    AERO-THERMAL (renewable energy) air-conditioning system with a hot/cold pump.Brand Vaillant, Saunier Duval or similar with low acoustic emission.


    AERO-THERMAL Vaillant, Saunier Duval or similar (renewable energy) water based system  installed throughout ground and first floor.


    4 x 8 concrete built swimming pool.

    High quality tiles brand ALTTOGLASS or similar, with choice of colours. Concrete stairs.

    The non-availability of a make or model for reasons beyond Seh/GoGreenSpain’s control, entitles Seh/GoGreenSpain to replace them with another brand(s) or model(s) with similar characteristics. The images included in this document are used only conceptually and may not accurately represent the final design.